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10 March 2012 @ 01:26 am
!WTB: Lilac Headdress/accessory! !DS: Offbrand items! Cute and cheap, nothing higher than $40  

Terms of Sale, please read!
*I do have positive feedback of 19, Click here for my feedback page!
*I accept Paypal, inquire about other forms of payment.
*Priority goes as first come, first serve, willing to pay the amount posted.
*HOWEVER, offers will be considered!
*Shipped from the U.S.A., Texas. Ask about international inquiries!
*I accept holds if it's for a short while..(I Need my monies!) Trades, I'm not really interested in!
*Ask if you have any questions regarding the quality, size, or anything else!
*I am a non-smoker.
*I forgot to add this! I do own a cat..just incase of any allergy issues. ^^:;;

WTB: I would like to buy a lilac headbow to match with a lilac bunny coat I received recently. I will also considered hair ties, or ear muffs....something as long as it's lilac/purple colored. And now, for the !DS...

Black & White Classical/Gothic Lolita Dress

This dress was custom made from a user on E-bay to my measurements. It's quite beautiful and I feel sad for selling it, but I need the money. It is put on by a zipper. The zipper is kind-of faulty but it came to me like that...just have to work with it a little bit. ^_^; Other than that, it's in great condition!

My Measurements: (Sorry I was in a hurry) 37 bust, 32 waist, 41 hips. (Or so!) It was made to fit these measurements. ^_^

Asking price: $40 shipped

Bright Purple Bunny Scarf

Purchased this from a user on this community. Worn to do a few photos recently, but I just find that I can't coordinate it properly. It's rather small, and doesn't seem right as a scarf to me! Maybe one of you can coordinate it? It's too cute to just have laying around ;_;

Measurements: Approx 32 inches (81 CM) long....Height is approx 4 inches (10 CM)..

Asking price: $20 shipped

Pink Offbrand Headbow W/ Lace

Really sweet offbrand headbow I used for many coordinates. I don't think I'll have a use for it anymore, I've worn it too much! But it's a great and cheaper alternative to buying a brand headbow. ^_^ I added white lace to it, as shown.

Asking price: $10 shipped

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Kgods_debris on April 3rd, 2012 02:42 am (UTC)
Sarah, please respond to let me know you're all right. You haven't responded to your phone messages in weeks.