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17 February 2013 @ 03:22 pm
Selling Selling Selling!!! Might add more later! Click me!  

Terms of Sale, please read!
*I do have positive feedback of 25, Click here for my feedback page! Also E-bay Feedback of 228! 28 positives as a seller.
*I accept Paypal, inquire about other forms of payment.
*Priority goes as first come, first serve, willing to pay the amount posted.
*HOWEVER, offers will be considered! Just ask if you think a price is too high!
*Shipped from the U.S.A., Texas. Ask about international inquiries!
*I accept holds if it's for a short while..MAYBE payment plans, just inquire VIA pm please.
*Ask if you have any questions regarding the quality, size, or anything else!
*Items are (usually) shipped with tracking, make sure to tell me if you require tracking! It depends on the shipping cost when I add it.
*I am a non-smoker.
*I forgot to add this! I do own a cat..just incase of any allergy issues. ^^:;; I try to keep her away from my clothing, but it's impossible sometimes, she's so curious and hyper.

Suki the kitty! ^_^

**No trades for this post please**

DC Spankable Pastel Sneakers Size US 7.5


Description: Worn.. Cute sneakers I purchased from Journey's a long while back! Worn quite a bit, but in decent condition. Bottoms are dirty but I can clean that before shipment.

Size: USA 7.5 W, as shown in tag. 24.0-24.5/L Japan. Pretty comfy! Can fit 7.5-8 women's USA. (I wear anywhere from a 7.5-8 USA and they fit great with room to spare!) Labeled as Wide, I don't know.

Condition: 3/5 due to Used, as shown, the sparkles/color has been scuffed a bit. Won't be too noticeable IRL unless you look close, not very noticeable in photos.

Asking price: $25 shipped in the USA. Open to offers, nothing below $20 please :/ (Shipping is pricey!)

Stretchy Teal Leg warmers

Description: Just a pair of stretchy knit leg warmers I purchased on E-bay! Really comfy!

Condition: Used, but in good condition. 4/5 I'd say.

Asking price: $5 shipped. Or will include these free with the shoes if they sell/if you would like them! ^_^

Bodyline Pink Bloomers

Description: A pair of bloomers I purchased because I needed a new pair! But they are a bit tight in the crotch area :/ The waist is elastic, so it can fit fine, but the legs/crotch area is tight, as a warning. If that's not a problem, they'd be a good pair of starter bloomers! The bottom legs are not elasticated, free size w/ lace.

Measurements: Length 46cm, Waist 60-100cm

Click here for link on Bodyline. Pan044

Condition: 4/4 due to Used but in good condition! ^_^ Only wore one or two times for photos. Will be cleaned before sending out, and shipped in a Bodyline bag.

Asking price: $25 shipped in the USA. (Save $12 from the Bodyline website!~) Open to offers, nothing below $20 please.

Dark/hot pink My Little Pony T-shirt

Description: Worn.. An adorable shirt I purchased on E-bay (If I recall) Has an old school pony on it, I can't remember her name ;_; Was one of my favorite ponies too!

Size: As shown, it's listed as an XL, but I'd say it's probably more like a M-L. Measurements: Underarm to underarm is 17 inches/43 cm ....Goes up to 19-20 inches/50 cm stretched. Is stretchy. Wouldn't recommend for maybe over a 39-40 bust? I don't know, it depends on how you like clothing to fit.

Condition: Worn/Used, but in good condition, no stains or anything bothersome. 4/5. Worn only a few times.

Asking price: $15 shipped in the USA.

Teal Ice cream mini dress/Nightgown from Target

Description: Worn, Worn 2.. A cute children's nightgown I purchased from Target a while back. Cute ice cream cones and ruffles!

Size: It's a Girl's size XL, not juniors, but girls. Surprisingly good stretch/fit for a kids size. A bit too tight on me to look right/comfy, however. Not as stretchy as MLP shirt..has less stretch. Measures 17 inches across/43 cm. Max stretch probably 19 inches/48 cm. Not recommended for girls with busts bigger than 36-37 inches around. (I wear a 36C and it's still tight on me and have about 37-38 inch bust) ...Recommended for short girls/girls with smaller frames than me, unless you want a tight fit.

Condition: Used/worn but in good condition. Will be sent out cleaned/lint-rolled, etc.

Asking price: $15 shipped in the USA.

...Still selling!

Bright Purple Bunny Scarf/Accessory

Description: Worn...It's a bit small for a *REAL* scarf, but can be accessorized in other ways!

Size: Measures 32-33" in length, 4" in height.

Condition: Like new! Purchased from a user on egl_comm_sales!

Asking price: $10 shipped in the USA.

As always, thank you very much for looking! I appreciate your time~ <3

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