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24 January 2012 @ 09:18 pm
Sales, check them out!  

Terms of Sale, please read!
*I do have positive feedback of 19, Click here for my feedback page!
*I accept Paypal, inquire about other forms of payment.
*Priority goes as first come, first serve, willing to pay the amount posted.
*HOWEVER, offers will be considered!
*Shipped from the U.S.A., Texas. Ask about international inquiries!
*I accept holds if it's for a short while..(I Need my monies!) Trades, I'm not really interested in!
*Ask if you have any questions regarding the quality, size, or anything else!
*I forgot to add this! I do own a cat..just incase of any allergy issues. ^^:;;

NOTE!!! There might be a slight delay in shipping due to me working 6 days in a row starting tomorrow ;;..**

Black & White Classical/Gothic Lolita Dress


This dress was custom made from a user on E-bay to my measurements. It's quite beautiful and I feel sad for selling it, but I need the money. It is put on by a zipper. The zipper is kind-of faulty but it came to me like that...just have to work with it a little bit. ^_^; Other than that, it's in great condition!

My Measurements: (Sorry I was in a hurry) 37 bust, 32 waist, 41 hips. (Or so!) It was made to fit these measurements. ^_^

Asking price: $36 shipped

SOLD NEW Small Black Ribbon Handbag

Brand new handbag, never even used, still has the tag attached and everything. I feel this bag is much too small for my needs (I like carrying my planner, makeup, camera, etc, etc in my purse, and it's just too small. But it's ADORABLE! Just not for day to day use. As a fashion accessory it's fine, but I have nothing to coordinate it with right now. So I'd be better off using the money for a bag I can coordinate with. /rant

Measurements: 30cm x 25cm x 12cm (12 inches x 10 inches x 5 inches or so)

Asking price: $35 shipped

(I payed $40 for it!)

Bright Purple Bunny Scarf

Purchased this from a user on this community. Worn to do a few photos recently, but I just find that I can't coordinate it properly. It's rather small, and doesn't seem right as a scarf to me! Maybe one of you can coordinate it? It's too cute to just have laying around ;_;

Measurements: Approx 32 inches (81 CM) long....Height is approx 4 inches (10 CM)..

Asking price: $20 shipped

Pink Offbrand Headbow W/ Lace

Really sweet offbrand headbow I used for many coordinates. I don't think I'll have a use for it anymore, I've worn it too much! But it's a great and cheaper alternative to buying a brand headbow. ^_^ I added white lace to it, as shown.

Asking price: $10 shipped

SOLD Cute Japanese Tako or Squid Salmon/Pink Shirt

This is a really cute shirt but unfortunately I think it's just a bit too small for me. ^_^;; Purchased it off a user on E-bay, wore it maybe once, still like new!

Sizing: Chest size taken from armpit to armpit is 18 inches (So 36 inches around)...but there's no stretch to this material. Good for a size medium, MAYBE large US. I have about a 37 inch bust, 32-33 inch waist and it fits but VERY tight. :/ The arms are also very snug/made very small. What do E-bay sellers from China think we are, sticks? :P *all my anger!*

PS not sure what the hiragana says beyond "Chan"...one character looks like "Zu" (From "Su") but the other two do not look understandable to me. Anyone know?

Asking price: $17 shipped

Other items...

Pink Ume Blossom Yukata

Beautiful pink yukata, but I find that it is a bit too big for me. :) Maybe suitable for someone taller than me. (I'm 5'2"!) Other than that, in great condition!

Asking Price: $30 shipped

White, Pink, and Blue Floral Yukata

Simple and sweet, I simply find that I don't like the print as much as I used to. :) Plus I need money! :) Is fine for anyone 5'2"-5'5" I would think. *Obi not included!!!*

Asking Price: $30 shipped

Small Pink Floral Bunny Pre-Tied Obi/Bow

This was my first ever obi, and of course it was pre-tied since I was becoming familiar with kimono wear. ^_^ I prefer tying my own obi now, and as a result, I think I am going to sell this one to get some more money. Great for beginners! (Or can be used in other fashions!)

Measurements: Length is approx 57.5 inches (146 CM), height is ALMOST 7 inches/17 CM.

Asking price: $20 shipped

Thank you for looking at my sales post! ^^ Let me know if you have any questions at all!

Current Mood: soresore
サラ・: Me Yukata: Bottompixyteri on January 26th, 2012 05:14 am (UTC)
Well, I know a girl I know that's a bit bigger..maybe 18-20? Wore a yukata.......and it fit her fine...but it IS tight, not going to lie. It can be tricky for it to fit, what is your height?

Yukata come in all ranges, oddly, I've had ones that are big on me and others that are just perfect. I'm lucky I've never ran across one that's too tight but even then it's hard to get them to look right with my chest. (Haha! Damn boobs. ;_;)
Muriel Ithilnorfaeriemuriel on January 26th, 2012 06:05 am (UTC)
I'm five foot, but I'm handy with a needle. Shortening a kimono is nothing--they're designed to have certain simple size changes, so that they can be passed around. Do you want me to show you some links or something, or are you sure you wanna get rid of them?
サラ・: Cute: Cat I am princesspixyteri on January 26th, 2012 09:19 am (UTC)
I am sure I want to get rid of them. ^_^ Oh if you're 5'5" the lengths should be fine without alterations but it might require some corsetry or just a little snugger wear. Hmm..my pink one for sure fit me larger. ^^ It was too long/wide around on me and I vary in sizing...depending on the brand I've worn from 10-14 I hate variation on clothing makers sizing..